Drawn To Life

The final project for my fashion styling class was more in the realm of my interests. We had to choose an artist from a curated list and then design two entire outfits that have been inspired by that artist. Once we had agreed upon our artist, Antonio Lopez, and what garments we would be using, our group members split up and purchased what we needed for the photo shoot! 

Product Styling

Another fun project for fashion styling has evolved! After learning how to drape fabric into multiple garments, our next topic of the semester was product styling. We used WGSN's trend forecast to pick our trend; Youth Tonic. The final outfit was designed for fall and winter, was inspired by the 1970's era, and was is meant for the wanna-be Gucci girl on a budget. 

1 Garment, 20 Ways

This semester I decided to take a styling course within the fashion department. I thought it might be a good idea to learn a little bit about fashion if that's what I want to photograph. My first assignment was to pick a fashion icon from a curated list of celebrities, then choose a garment that I could drape in twenty different ways. After selecting the best drapings, I added other pieces of clothing and accessories to create a full outfit. Which one is your favorite?!